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GitHub - mknoxnv/ubuntu-slurm: Steps to create a small May 08, 2018 NGINX Init Scripts | NGINX Various useful init scripts for starting NGINX. So many ways to start NGINX. You can either use the binary or set something up that will work specifically for your needs. Kubernetes - Setup - Tutorialspoint Kubernetes - Setup - It is important to set up the Virtual Datacenter (vDC) before setting up Kubernetes. This can be considered as a set of machines where they can communicate with Install by DEB Package (Debian/Ubuntu) - Fluentd

update-rc.d updates the System V style init script links /etc/rcrunlevel.d/NNname whose target is the script /etc/init.d/name. 出典: man update-rc.d(8) insserv とは? insserv is a low level tool used by update-rc.d which enables an installed system init script (`boot script') by reading the comment header of the script. 出典: man insserv(8)

Just having the script present in /etc/init.d is not sufficient to have it run at startup.. To add it to your startup, you have to tell Ubuntu about it: sudo update-rc.d css-servers defaults It should then start on next boot, if the script is properly formatted, executable bit set, etc. Packages that you install from apt-get/Software Center run this command or its equivalent for you ubuntu 14.04 /etc/init.d/ vs /etc/init/ start service at

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Aug 06, 2016 How-To: Managing services with update-rc.d - Debuntu How-To: Managing services with update-rc.d 3 minute read Linux services can be started, stopped and reloaded with the use of scripts stocked in /etc/init.d/.. However, during start up or when changing runlevel, those scripts are searched in /etc/rcX.d/ where X is the runlevel number. /etc/inittab | Linux The /etc/inittab file is the configuration file used by the System V (SysV) initialization system in Linux. This file defines three items for the init process:. the default runlevel; what processes to start, monitor, and restart if they terminate; what actions to take when the system enters a new runlevel