Feb 23, 2016 · For instance, From:Groupon older_than:10d finds all Groupon e-mails older than 10 days, which you can then delete en masse. In Yahoo Mail, you can put together a similar search with an onscreen menu .

how to delete all yahoo? | Yahoo Answers 2009-4-1 · * Yahoo Mail. * Yahoo notepad. * My Yahoo. * Any other yahoo program that needs your Yahoo ID and password. Once a yahoo account is deleted it and its contents cannot be recovered. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE YAHOO ACCOUNT CHECK THAT ONLY THE ACCOUNT YOU WANT TO DELETE IS SIGNED IN. This is a delete you yahoo account alternative. Jun 20, 2020 · Yahoo Mail offers a very convenient way of removing all unread emails, and the whole process can be done in no more than a couple of minutes. Deleting Unread Emails in the Current Yahoo Version Over time, there have been a lot of changes to the overall design and functionality of Yahoo Mail. Jun 08, 2020 · How to Delete All Messages in Yahoo Mail. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete all email messages on the Yahoo! Mail app and on the Yahoo! website. Open the Yahoo! Mail app. It's a purple app with an envelope icon.

You can delete all of your emails on Yahoo Mail by using the "Select All" tool repeatedly. The "Select All" tool only selects messages displayed on the screen, so you may need to use it more than

2013-4-9 · Yahoo Mail won't allow me to delete a folder with messages in it, but it would take forever to go through the folder page by page and delete 25 messages at a time. How can I delete ALL emails in a Yahoo Mail folder at once, not just the ones that are visible on a single page view?

How to delete a Yahoo account. Unlike Google, Yahoo deletes all accounts associated with your login in addition to your email. Follow these steps: Advertisement.

2008-12-9 · If your using yahoo mail classic you can only delete one page at a time. so consider switching to "new yahoo mail" to delete your emails you can always go back to classic yahoo mail if you want. To switch between yahoo mail classic and all new yahoo mail click the link below for a yahoo …