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The ERA Virtual Appliance comes as an OVA (Open Virtualization Appliance) file. It is available from the download section.The appliance is available in two forms, era_appliance.ova and era_vagenthost.ova. If you are deploying your VA on Microsoft Hyper -V, use the era_appliance.vhd.zip file instead of the OVA file.. era_appliance.ova - contains multiple ERA Appliance types. Solved: How to download NGFW Virtual Appliance - Cisco Solved: I am unable to download the NGFW Virtual Appliance, it says i need Additional Entitlement to download it. Can anyone suggest what kind of entitlement i need to get ? Downloading VMware Virtual Appliances - Petri

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Virtual Appliances.eu Virtual Appliances THE place to start to build or download dedicated virtual appliances. VSAN hardware calculator. Calculatng the cost of hardware when you need a certain amount of net space in your HCI/VSAN solution can be challenging. There are plenty of rules you need to take into account. This hardware calculator automatically resizes the Downloading File /Appliance/Storage/FreeNAS-9.1-amd64.ova

Virtual appliances are great for the same reasons physical appliances took the IT world by storm: They make deployment a snap -- even instantaneous -- while at the same time reducing costs.

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