Debian “wheezy” Release Information. Debian 7.11 was released June 4th, 2016.Debian 7.0 was initially released on May 4th, 2013. The release included many major changes, described in our press release and the Release Notes.. Debian 7 has been superseded by Debian 8 (jessie). Wheezy also benefits from Long Term Support (LTS) until the end of May 2018.

Debian Is Dropping Support for VLC Media Player, Mediawiki May 26, 2016 Beagleboard:BeagleBoneBlack Debian - May 22, 2020 Debian to offer MultiArch support with Debian Wheezy 7 in Debian finally takes the plunge to offer multi architecture support with its to-be release Wheezy.This means that Debian users can now run the software of their choice, in a machine and version of their choice. This is a feature that is already supported by most open source distros and there is high expectation from what Wheezy can offer. Squid 3.4.x for with transparent ssl proxying/support for

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Hi,I prepared a sd card image with Debian for IOT2000.The image is based on Debian Wheezy with a specific kernel for IOT2000.The kernel is based on Linux kernel v3.8.7 with patches for Intel Quark processor and IOT2000 Hardware.The following interfaces/fu Dec 04, 2013 · Download Debian-Mate for free. Debian Wheezy 7.2 + Mate 1.6 For Non-PAE Desktops and Laptops! Debian Wheezy 7.2 and Mate Desktop 1.6, but with the 486 Kernel for Non-PAE Deskops and Laptops. It's a Live version that runs from a USB stick or can be installed from the desktop to the Hard Drive. I bought a new lenovo y510p and tried to install debian wheezy. During installation ethernet card is not detected and none of the listed drivers work. output of lspci Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. Device 10a1 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43142 Seems debian does not support drivers for above. Please suggest a Debian 7 reached EOL as of May 31, 2018. Those repositories are no longer active. You can still receive support for Wheezy but it is going to be a lot less painful and expensive on your part to make moves to migrate to Jessie or even Stretch. On the Debian Wiki there is advice on what to do now

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This tutorial shows how you can install an Apache web server on a Debian Stretch (9) server with PHP 7 (mod_php) and MariaDB support. MariaDB is a fork of the well known MySQL database server, it provides a MySQL compatible feature set and is a bit faster according to benchmarks that I found on the internet. How to upgrade Debian Linux system from Wheezy to Jessie