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View and delete your browsing history in Internet Explorer Jun 05, 2020 Clear your web browser's cache, cookies, and history Chrome. In the browser bar, enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData. At the top of the "Clear …

Feb 27, 2019 · Select Clear browsing data. Select Time range (from last hour to all-time), ensure Browsing history is checked (and anything else you want to clear) and hit Clear data. Ta da! Click the back arrow to top left to back your way out of Settings. iOS. We’re using an iPad, but the instructions are very similar on an iPhone.

The program offers many wiping feature for your choice, here we need to clear Chrome browser history. Click on "Internet Cleanup" from the bottom left side panel to see all the browsers you are using. Check "Google Chrome" and select "Browsing History" to clear browsing data only from Google Chrome.

This will clear all the browsing history from your computer. 2. Remove Selected Browsing History in Chrome. If you do not want to clear all browsing history, you can follow the steps below to delete selected or specific browsing history records in Chrome browser. 1.

At the risk of my answer being downvoted because I “didn’t answer the question,” seriously, you can’t if your admins set it up that way. Let’s for a moment assume you DID manage to delete your browser history for your school Google account because How to Reset Chrome and Clear Browsing History How to Reset Chrome and Clear Browsing History How to Reset Chrome. In Chrome open Settings, type chrome://settings/ in the address bar or click the 3 vertical dots icon at the top right corner of Chrome and click Settings in the drop-down menu.. In Settings scroll down to the bottom and click ”Show advanced settings”. How to Clear Your Browser History: Chrome & More | Avast Mar 05, 2020 How to Delete Browsing History on Android | TechUntold